Facility, Business, or Home Surveillance Systems

First Alarm provides an extensive range of CCTV equipment, which can tailored to meet the individual needs of your facility, business, or home. We offer a choice of traditional analogue Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems to the latest IP based digital solutions.  Our "Systems Integration" team can combine Video Surveillance Systems with Access Control Systems, Intrusion Systems, and Automation Systems that work in unison with each other to provide an effective solution to your Security requirement.  With First Alarm Systems Integration anything is possible.



Systems For Every Budget

We advise you on the best solution to meet your current and future requirements. We have no allegiance to any one brand of equipment and offer free independent advice on the equipment that is right for you.  We do the shopping in the professional products for our customers.  In an on-going manor different manufactures send us newly released products that we study, test, evaluate cutting-edge technology products to be able to offer the best in final solutions available to our customers.  For price vs performance inquiries we offer three basic levels of products and systems:

Entry Level Cost Effective Products & Systems

Mid-Range Feature Rich Products & Systems

High-End High-Performance Products and Systems

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High-Technology Surveillance Systems

Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV surveillance cameras utilize a network infrastructure to transmit, distribute, record and display video images, as opposed to traditional analogue cameras which utilize co-axial cable to distribute video. 

One of the main advantages of IP CCTV over analogue is the increase in resolution that is available. For instance, a 2-megapixel camera has resolution equivalent to that of 1080p HD TV, which is 5x the resolution achievable with an analogue camera. This gives huge benefits to the suitability of the video particularly for evidential purposes. The video data is recorded in a format which makes it suitable for local and remote viewing on PC’s, smart phones and tablets.  The imaging on these cameras are incredible! 

You will only need to involve your IT department when your requirement is for the IP CCTV system to work over your existing IT network. First Alarm can design an IP CCTV system that work over customers’ existing IT networks or as stand-alone systems working over their own independent networks.  In the case of the latter, First Alarm can install the network cabling. In some situations where you have an existing analogue CCTV system, we can utilize the existing coax cables and convert them to work with IP cameras, thus providing a cost saving.


Cloud Video Storage


IP Video & Digital Video Cloud Storage allows multiple video access to multiple clients in a fast and efficient way.  App or Browser based access give the client access to video playback from virtually anywhere you can access the Internet.

Safe, Secure, and accessible, Cloud Video Storage is the answer to video surveillance systems as a backup or timeline stored live view.  First Alarm offers leased Dedicated Servers backed by top server technicians or Cloud Servers supported by server technicians and or Proprietary Cloud Services.  First Alarm has storage and bandwidth packages for any size video surveillance system.  Call today for an appointment with our specialist and see what Cloud Video Storage can do for your video surveillance system.


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