Fire Alarm Systems

When it comes to fire, seconds count. Whether you are at work or offsite, a First Alarm fire protection system detects the first signs of fire and reports it to First Alarm's Central Station Monitoring Center which dispatches fire department personnel to the location of the fire and prevents loss of life and property damage. 

In the event that smoke or fire are detected at your business or facility, alarms and flashing strobes or voice evacuation speakers immediately alert building occupants of the danger.

All First Alarm fire protection systems are monitored by our Commercial Fire UL-listed Central Station. Our experts work with you to ensure that your business meets local fire code requirements and tests your system regularly to ensure it is working properly.

First Alarm offers the following fire protection solutions:

  • Monitored fire protection systems, including smoke and heat detectors, prevent loss of life and property.
  • Alarms sound an alert warning occupants of the danger and move them to safety.
  • Addressable fire zones pinpoint the source of the fire to help fire fighters extinguish it quickly.
  • AlarmNet UL Listed Commercial Fire Communicators reliably transmit your alarm of premise FAST.
  • Low cost monthly maintenance contracts keep your fire system maintenance cost under control without unexpected bills.
  • Modular Design makes upgrades a snap and cost effective.
  • Remote diagnostics save money on needless service calls.


First Alarm offers quality installations

Everyone has walked into a building and seen a five foot tall Fire Alarm Control Panel at the main entrance.  These proprietary Fire Alarm Control Panels are very expensive and costly to replace or have repaired.  First Alarm is proud of our quality designs and maintenance and repairs are easily accessible and cost effective due to the  modular layout of the control system.  Here is an example:



Modular Design creates a cost effective replacement parts environment because you only replace the part of  the system that fails.  All-in-one control systems are very expensive so in the event of a LED lamp failure the entire control system must be replaced.