Burglary Intrusion Detection for Business or Facility

Businesses trust First Alarm to keep their people and property safe and secure. We offer a broad range of burglary detection products and services to protect your property,employees, and customers. We take the time to get to know you and your business, and identify your security risks.  First Alarm then designs a custom security system that best fits your unique facility or business needs and provides superior protection against theft and loss.


Benefits of Burglary Detection:

  • Burglar alarm systems, featuring door, window, motion and glass break sensors to protect your business from burglary and vandalism.
  • Wired or Wireless systems provide superior protection and communication to our Central Station Monitoring Center for fast dispatching.
  • Remote Control of your security on your smartphone keeps you in control of your security without taking your valuable time.
  • Keep your inventory from walking off. Not all security threats originate from the outside, so let First Alarm strategically place security devices that deter both external and internal theft.
  • Panic buttons provide you and your employees the peace of mind knowing that help will arrive fast in the event of a hold-up or emergency.
  • Built on an open platform, our systems integrate seamlessly with existing security systems so retro-fitting and take-overs are cost effective in upgrading to First Alarm Services.

Access Your Business Security System Anytime, Anywhere!

As technology brings the world closer together, the need to feel connected is a reality today. With First Alarms Total Connect you can now utilize the internet to control your security system in real time. Whether you're across the street, across town, or across the country you can use the internet, PDAs, cell phones, or any other web enabled device to access your security system. And now with First Alarms Total Connect video you can view your business from an internet capable device including most smart phones!


Prevention is Worth the Investment!

To prevent Burglary and the hidden cost of damages, insurance claim negotiations, and your time, are just some of the cost.  Business and cash flow interruption will end up being your biggest loss!  Take preventative action to never let this happen to you and your business.

First Alarm provides a free, no obligation consultation to walk through your business and assess where your security vulnerabilities may exist.

Call First Alarm today at (208) 455-5611 to request a consultation and get the protection you need to keep your people and property safe and secure.


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